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There was a lot of support for me just applying online as an international student.

The people that have had the most impact on me are actually my professors. Talking to them a lot has made me realize that I myself want to go into research, just like them.

I chose McMaster University because the institution is very research-intensive and the research that goes on there has high global impact.

I've really been able to connect with some of the professors that I had during office hours and even the TAs.

Mac gave me a platform (to) express myself, talk to people who are like-minded, but from different cultures, talk to people from different academic backgrounds - not just cultural.

Everything I learned from the MELD Program, such as communication skills, presentation skills, writing skills, they're all very helpful for my study (in) Life Sciences.

I chose Faculty of Engineering at McMaster because it's the only one in Canada that offers (the) iBioMed program. iBioMed is the first of its kind in Canada.

I probably had some of the best professors from all across the world in my program.

I was really impressed with the diversity in Hamilton, in Canada as a whole.

McMaster has been really supportive in terms of helping me move from Kuwait to Canada.

You may feel afraid to move overseas, I also did, but keep going; because McMaster is worth it.

University is not just a place you gain knowledge from, but its a community that you belong to; And that's what I found in McMaster.

I would highly recommend anybody to consider the MELD program, it is really amazing.

McMaster is a place to make life-long friends.

McMaster allows you to find yourself and follow your own path.