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International Student Stories

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Tyler Play Video

Country: Bermuda

Program: Economics, Social Sciences

Quote: “The professors here are great. Every single one that I’ve had has been not only an amazing professor, but just very approachable. They always tell jokes in classes just to kind of lighten the mood a bit, especially if it’s a Monday morning and it’s 8:00 AM.”

Monserrat Play Video

Country: Bahamas

Program: Honours Social Psychology

Quote: “Coming to university and moving to a different country at 17 is terrifying. I’m more of an introvert, so that was definitely hard. But I think that I’ve grown, in that aspect. I think I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I thought I was.”

Sonny Play Video

Country: Republic of Korea

Program: Biochemistry

Quote: “I think that Canadian culture is really rooted on this sense of kindness and altruism, and to always care for each other.”

Sa'ida Play Video

Country: Jordan

Program: Chemical Engineering

Quote: “McMaster is where I found myself. I like the person I am becoming here.”

Nawshaba Play Video

Country: Bangladesh

Program: Gender Studies and Feminist Research, Humanities

Quote: “McMaster is where I found out what I really want to do with my life. And how can I contribute to making the world a better place.”

Adebowale Saka Profile

Adebowale Play Video

Country: Nigeria

Program: Mechanical Engineering Co-op

Quote: “I feel excited when I return to McMaster after being away for the holidays. I look forward to how the semester will go, seeing my friends, learning from new professors. McMaster has now become my second home.”

Ruben headshot

Ruben Play Video

Country: Spain

Program: Mechanical Engineering Co-op

Quote: “Don’t be scared to move out of your city or country. It’s a very good experience and you will not regret it at all.”

Lauren headshot

Lauren Play Video

Country: United States of America

Program: PhD Student in Kinesiology

Quote: “When I was looking into PhD programs I was very familiar with Stu Phillips, my current supervisor. He is a prolific researcher in the field. He has mentored so many PhD students who have gone on to be very successful in academia. I really feel that being here will facilitate so many future opportunities for me and that’s very exciting. And I know this experience will set me up for success.”

Shivaansh headshot

Shivaansh Play Video

Country: India

Program: Software Engineering Co-op

Quote: “When a university is highly ranked, it speaks to the quality of students that are going to be graduating from there. McMaster being one of the highly ranked universities in the world makes it a really good place for international students like myself.”

Amy headshot

Amy Play Video

Country: Barbados

Program: Biotechnology Co-op

Quote: “I came to Canada because I wanted to have a Canadian experience. McMaster is now ranked in the top 75 in the world and I am very proud to attend. I wanted to go to a really well-rounded school that is very research intensive and I think that is important for my program.”

Hiba headshot

Hiba Play Video

Country: Dubai

Program: Biomedical Discovery & Commercialization Co-op

Quote: “I found out that McMaster had a very strong science program, and when I looked into the program, I loved the way it was structured. … The co-op and research opportunities I am getting at McMaster will prepare me for when I am in the real world, and looking for work.

I think it’s important to go to a school that has the level of prestige and that I’m at one of the top 75 in the world. It definitely played a big role in my decision to come here.”

Tianning headshot

Tianning Play Video

Country: China

Program: Biomedical Research Specialization Co-op

Quote: “McMaster definitely has a very welcoming community. I can actually meet people of different cultures, of different countries and we can actually live in harmony. So, I can make friends with different backgrounds and I feel great about it. It’s a brand-new experience that I have never experienced in China. I feel very proud to be a student of McMaster.”